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Who Cares Wins

Lily Cole

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In Who Cares Wins, actress and activist Lily Cole presents a comprehensive walkthrough of the problems the Earth faces today, highlighting changes that must be made both by individuals and the systems that govern our way of life.


Who Cares Wins

Who Cares Wins

by Lily Cole


We've all heard about the dangerous state our planet is in. Every time we turn on the news, we're bombarded with talk about global warming, dying species, melting ice caps and burning forests. Many would consider this the moment to panic - but not Lily Cole.

Lily Cole was well-known in the fashion industry as a model before breaking into film as an actress. But perhaps what many don't know is that she also graduated with honors from Cambridge University, campaigns for various charities, and is a devoted activist for the environment.

In her book, Who Cares Wins, Cole interviews people across different industries who are committing their lives to creating a more sustainable future. Exploring constructive methods for facing challenges from fast fashion to the food crisis, Cole explains why, despite the fear and unpredictability of it all, there is still cause for optimism.

Favorite quote

If you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out, but if you put a frog in warm water and slowly heat it to boiling point, the frog will stay until its end. Our planet is slowly warming around us, and yet we haven't jumped.

- Lily Cole

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