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What on Earth Is Wellness?

British Vogue, Camilla Rowe

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In this British Vogue series, supermodel Camille Rowe sits down with experts to unravel the meaning of wellness and the missteps of the wellness industry.


What on Earth Is Wellness?

What on Earth Is Wellness?

by British Vogue


After moving from New York City to Los Angeles, French-American model and actress Camille Rowe decided to completely change her lifestyle to bolster her health. Instead of staying out late into the night at clubs, she began going to bed early, eating a balanced diet, and implementing a strict supplement routine.

Rowe tried any and every Los Angeles wellness trend, including cryotherapy, aura reading, vitamin IV drips, crystal baths, yoga, meditation, and more. Months into her health and wellness exploration, Rowe realized she still didn't know what the word 'wellness' truly meant.

In this British Vogue video series, Rowe sits down with experts across the wellness industry to find out what it really means to be well, and whether or not wellness trends are worth the hype.

Favorite quote

Speaking to all these different experts it seems like there's one common message: living in the present and being mindful.

- Camille Rowe

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