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Watch the Sound: Reverb

Mark Ronson

5 mins

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Acclaimed DJ, musician, and producer Mark Ronson travels around the world to discuss reverb and its place in music with artists, experts, and engineers.


Watch the Sound: Reverb

Watch the Sound: Reverb

by Mark Ronson


Reverb is perhaps the most natural of all effects employed in the recording studio, but most of us don't even notice it. Reverb is part of every single sound we hear in our daily lives, and differs depending on the spaces we are in.

Mark Ronson, an award-winning producer, explores the effect of reverb starting with his personal introduction to it: his work with Amy Winehouse and her song 'Back to Black.' The story of reverb is ancient, older than recorded music. People have been seeking out reverb for centuries and have built up whole cultures and holy spaces around it.

In this episode of his docuseries Watch The Sound, Ronson explores the history of reverb to get to the core of what it can do to recordings and the people who listen to them.

Favorite quote

I've learned that reverb is really about our relationship with the world ... it's sensory, it's memory, it's community. It's way more than just music.

- Mark Ronson

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