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UnraveledBy Maxine Bedat

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In Unraveled, author and researcher Maxine Bédat explores the ways in which the fashion industry pollutes our environment and upholds global inequality through a long history of unethical business practices.

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The knowledge of how our clothing is made, marketed, sold, worn, and discarded is a powerful lens through which to better see the truths of our world and its history, however beautiful or ugly they may be.

Maxine Bédat


Most of us don't know where our clothes are made, let alone how they are made.

When Maxine Bédat was stocking her e-commerce platform, she tried to source ethically-made clothes. She discovered, however, that even the brands rarely knew the full story of their garments.

Bédat launched the New Standard Institute. This think tank researches the fashion industry's impact on global trade and the environment.

In 2021's Unraveled, Bédat traces clothing production. From the farms and oil rigs that generate raw materials, through factories and distribution centers, to the landfill sites where discarded clothes live.

By exploring how our clothes are made, Bédat reveals the exploitative underbelly of the fashion industry. Her exploration also clarifies fashion's ties to the climate crisis and global inequality.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    The story of the fashion industry is really the story of exploitation and injustice
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