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Unlearn shows you how to improve your craft by letting go of old patterns and adopting a learning attitude to stop persistent habits from holding you back.




by Barry O'Reilly


Victory feels great. Whatever you manage to accomplish, the feeling you get after turning one of your goals into reality is incomparable. However, at times, we may let victory hinder our growth by believing that our 'formula for success' will never fail us. In reality, all situations are different. To succeed, continuous learning matters just as much as unlearning.

Barry O'Reilly is a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author. In Unlearn, he delves into the brain's inner workings to teach us how we can hone in on the power of unlearning to reprogram our minds and create space for growth.

Our brains love patterns. They follow them, but they also create them. Being able to deconstruct these patterns can help us unleash our potential by stopping preconceived ideas from influencing our future decisions. To welcome the new, we must be willing to let go of the old.

Favorite quote

Relearning is a process of experimentation to try new behaviors and take in new data, new information, and new perspectives.

- Barry O'Reilly

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