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Understanding Your Compensation and Benefits

Barbara Bruno

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In Understanding Your Compensation Benefits, Barbara Bruno discusses employment categories, how to consider the compensation package of job offers, and how it can help in the decision-making process.


Understanding Your Compensation and Benefits

Understanding Your Compensation and Benefits

by Barbara Bruno


Getting told that you've got your dream job is a great feeling. However, you may get so overwhelmed that you forget to ask crucial questions and most people are more concerned about making a good impression on their first day than they are asking questions. Before letting your excitement cloud your judgment, know the guidelines that'll help you make the right decision.

Thankfully, Barbara Bruno knows what it feels like to be excited about a new job and not ask about the benefits. Bruno has authored numerous books and is the CEO of Good As Gold Training and HR research. Over her career, she has helped over 10,000 people negotiate their compensation packages and get outstanding job offers.

In this course, Bruno draws on hear wealth of experience, teaching you how to properly understand compensation and benefits packages before accepting a job offer.

Favorite quote

If you're anticipating new offers, congratulations, that's awesome. Write down the pros and cons of each opportunity. When you force yourself to write things down, it takes the emotion out of your decision, and forces you to review facts.

- Barbara Bruno

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