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Understanding Obesity

Dr John Menzies, The University of Edinburgh

5 mins

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Understanding Obesity discusses misconceptions about obesity as well as the gaps in our current knowledge, focusing on the physiological and psychological aspects of eating.


Understanding Obesity

Understanding Obesity

by Dr John Menzies


If you search the word 'diet' online, you'll receive around 500 million results; if you search the word 'fat' you'll receive a shocking 700 million. But with this apparent wealth of information, how much do we really know about obesity?

Dr. John Menzies is a lecturer in the Centre for Integrative Physiology at the University of Edinburgh who specializes in the neurobiology of appetite and reward. In this course offered through Coursera, the instructor discusses the latest research on obesity with a range of experts. Rather than offering diet or exercise advice, Understanding Obesity focuses on the science behind obesity, including both its causes and consequences.

Favorite quote

The fundamental problem is we can account for obesity by a tiny excess of food intake, an excess that is too small for us to measure. But equally, we could account for obesity by a small reduction in energy expenditure of the same amount.

- Gareth Leng, professor of experimental physiology

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