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Tribes on the Edge

Celine Cousteau

5 mins

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Explorer Céline Cousteau takes us on her journey into a remote region of Brazil where the existence of Indigenous tribes is threatened by illness and the harmful influence of outsiders.


Tribes on the Edge

Tribes on the Edge

by Celine Cousteau


The environmental well-being of the Earth is often the focus of protection and appreciation for Indigenous tribes. This is the case for the Indigenous people of Vale do Javari, a protected region of Brazil where over 5,000 Indigenous people live, largely uncontacted by the outside world. However, the people of the Javari are suffering, as their existence becomes increasingly threatened by outsiders.

Céline Cousteau is a documentary filmmaker, socio-environmental advocate, and explorer. Her work has taken her into the Javari region to observe the crisis facing the Indigenous population of Brazil. Tribes on the Edge follows Cousteau and chronicles her journey to discover the struggles of the Javari tribes as they fight to preserve their lives and traditions.

Favorite quote

These lands are intended for the people to live there so they can continue their traditional life because they never destroyed the environment. People today reason from the pocket ... There's no more love for the land ...

- Sydney Possuelo, Brazilian explorer and activist

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