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Time and How to Spend It

James Wallman

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Time and How to Spend It is James Wallman's guide to spending time effectively, having meaningful experiences, and getting the most out of every moment.


Time and How to Spend It

Time and How to Spend It

by James Wallman


Today, many of us have more leisure time available than at any point in human history, and yet it doesn't feel that way. The multitude of options available to us, along with the modern emphasis on being busy and productive, makes us feel like we don't have time for anything.

James Wallman is a bestselling cultural commentator and trend forecaster. In Time and How to Spend It, the author explores why we tend to feel 'time-poor' and offers practical advice on how to increase the quality of our leisure time. Drawing on cutting-edge psychological research, ancient legends, and real-life stories, Wallman offers insights and solutions to the timeless question of what to do with our time.

Favorite quote

Free time is more difficult to enjoy than work.

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, psychologist

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