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TIGERBy Matthew Hamachek, Matthew Heineman

In a Nutshell

This two-part documentary tells the story of Tiger Woods' life, from his meteoric rise in the world of golf to his staggering fall from grace as a result of media scandals and substance abuse.

Favorite quote

The fascinating thing for me about Tiger Woods: he's never satisfied. The hunger never goes away. It's this monk-like pursuit of the ultimate goal – perfection.

Robert Lusetich, author


From the time he was a toddler and barely big enough to hold a golf club, Tiger Woods had all the trappings of a winner. Under the eye of his father, Earl, who always regarded his son as a prodigy, Tiger trained relentlessly and focused obsessively on becoming the best. But there would be a dark side to this compulsive spirit of competition.

Matthew Heineman is a documentary filmmaker renowned for films like Cartel Land and A Private War. In this two-part HBO documentary, friends, mentors, and former lovers of the golf phenomenon help to unravel the history of a troubled young man destined for greatness.

From tales of his father's philandering lifestyle to glimpses of the golfer's hard partying ways, Tiger paints a complicated portrait of a man's rise to stardom, and his fall from grace.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Tiger’s father Earl was his main influence, for good and for ill
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