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The Theory of Enchantment

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Chloé Valdary

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In this January 2022 episode of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Peterson talks to Chloé Valdary, founder of alternative diversity program Theory of Enchantment, about changing our perspectives on diversity and inclusion.


The Theory of Enchantment

The Theory of Enchantment

by The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops have become extremely popular. But might they inadvertently do more harm than good? Chloé Valdary – an entrepreneur, writer, and founder of the Theory of Enchantment diversity program – believes that many diversity programs actually end up increasing division.

Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor, public intellectual, and bestselling author. In this January 2022 episode of The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Peterson and Valdary discuss the damage that contemporary approaches to anti-racism can do and the principles behind Valdary's Theory of Enchantment. The pair also cover how the ideas of Martin Luther King, Carl Jung, and Black artistic excellence can help us address the human tendency to demonize other groups.

Favorite quote

Agape love is what Dr. King said was the ultimate ideal that the Civil Rights Movement aspired towards … they would ask themselves 'Am I harboring a spirit of resentment … of rage or vengefulness, and if I am, then I'm not going to go out and protest today.

- Chloé Valdary

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