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The Sleep Solution

W Chris Winter, MD

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The Sleep Solution helps you improve your quality of life by revealing the truth behind poor sleep and offering advice on how to get more rest at night.


The Sleep Solution

The Sleep Solution

by W Chris Winter, MD


How would you rate your sleep quality? You might have already accepted the fact that you will never experience a good night's sleep in your adult life. When we've become used to a constant feeling of exhaustion, it can seem inevitable and unfixable.

But if you haven't been prioritizing sleep, you may need to reconsider its importance. When your sleep quality is poor, your mood and overall health decline. On the flip side, sleeping well can also improve your productivity. When you sleep well at night, you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on any challenge.

Chris Winter is a certified sleep specialist and neurologist. In The Sleep Solution, he lets you in on expert tips that will help you improve your sleep and let go of your frustrations surrounding it.

Favorite quote

Get smart and quit getting your sleep information from Cosmo, from sleep books that make a simple subject complicated, and from your next-door neighbor.

- W. Chris Winter, M.D.

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