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The Search for Water on Mars

The Open University, AstrobiologyOU, Sofia Maruzza, Sudesh Loi

5 mins

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This course from The Open University outlines the importance of water for life, the history of Mars missions, and the evidence for water on Mars.


The Search for Water on Mars

The Search for Water on Mars

by The Open University


Finding water has always been a central goal of missions to Mars. Water is essential to life, so evidence of water suggests the possibility of current or past life on Mars. But what have scientists discovered so far?

Vic Pearson, Julia Semprich, Susanne Schwenzer, and Stuart Turner, who facilitate The Search for Water on Mars course, are members of The Open University's astrobiology division. The course charts the history and future of Mars exploration, examining data from orbiters, landers, and rovers for evidence of the possible existence of water on the planet.

Favorite quote

Even where water is scarce, life can be found. For this reason, the search for life beyond Earth has been intimately linked with the search for water.

- The Open University

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