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The Science of Leadership

Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy

5 mins

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This course takes a deep dive into leadership by looking into how the brain works, exploring motivation, and introducing tools to create a highly effective and sustainable model for the 21st-century leader.


The Science of Leadership

The Science of Leadership

by Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy


Any leader needs to evolve with the times. Today, our idea of leadership has evolved from pure theory to a thorough understanding of how the subconscious mind affects both leaders and their followers.

Gregory Caremans is a renowned author, trainer, and keynote speaker. In The Science of Leadership, Caremans explores how the brain works, how different personalities are linked, and how genetic programming can affect decision-making. For leaders and managers alike, the course teaches communication, managing emotions, engagement, and setting realistic goals by implementing numerous tools to help you understand your team and become a better leader.

Favorite quote

Our brain, on a subconscious level, is interpreting things as a possible threat. Change is a source of danger of discomfort.

- Gregory Caremans

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