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The Room Where It Happened

John Bolton

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John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, offers specific and piercing criticisms of the Trump administration in this tell-all memoir.


The Room Where It Happened

The Room Where It Happened

by John Bolton


From the position of one of the highest-ranking members of the administration, former National Security Advisor John Bolton offers anecdotes that will leave Donald Trump's supporters disappointed and his critics reeling. The former cabinet member describes a chaotic 'Twitter presidency' in which he and other advisors spent as much time corralling the president as they did advising him. Throughout Bolton's tenure, Trump eliminated advisors who challenged him and replaced them with 'yes men' who wouldn't challenge his knee-jerk opinions.

In spite of his lifelong conservatism, Bolton portrays Trump as incompetent and unfit for the presidency. Whether in national security or domestic policy, Bolton identifies Trump's desire for reelection and lack of strategy as key weaknesses in his presidency. His constantly changing opinions and rotating cabinet led to a president with no clear philosophy and no clear agenda other than advancing his own interests.

Favorite quote

Twenty months into the Trump presidency, new appointees and new policies were not yet in place … it was sheer malpractice that bureaucratic inertia persisted in such crucial policy areas.

- John Bolton

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