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The Politics of Waking UpBy Indra Adnan, Christopher Burrows

In a Nutshell

Therapist Indra Adnan shares her practical vision for a more progressive society that empowers people to truly connect and work together.

Favorite Quote

This book is the new story of what is possible. About the power we always had but are now just slowly waking up to. It's also about the task of transforming that power from something apparently scattered, amorphous, into something we can rely on to serve us.

Indra Adnan


The term 'woke' is often used to describe someone educated about socioeconomic injustices. But what exactly are they waking up from and waking up to?

Indra Adnan is the founder of political platform The Alternative UK and psychosocial therapist.

Adnan's work aims to provide people with practical guidance on how to create a better, more equal tomorrow.

In The Politics of Waking Up, the author showcases the The Alternative UK's conceptual framework for community organizing.

Adnan utilizes science, spirituality, personal anecdotes, and current events to teach readers the importance of waking up and taking charge of the change they wish to see.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Waking up means realizing the depth of systemic issues and fighting for a better future
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