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The New Trading for a Living

Alexander Elder

5 mins

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The New Trading for a Living teaches you a calm approach to stock trading by equipping you with the basic tools of chart analysis and risk-minimizing rules, and showing you which amateur mistakes to avoid when getting started.


The New Trading for a Living

The New Trading for a Living

by Alexander Elder


Born in the USSR, Alexander Elder started medical school in Estonia at the age of 16. At 23, while working as a doctor aboard a Soviet ship, he escaped and received political asylum in the U.S. Elder's work as a psychiatrist gave him unique insight into his next career – as a professional stock trader and teacher.

First published in 1993, Trading for Living became an international bestseller, helping new traders turn pro. This 2014 edition of the classic updates Elder's timeless advice for the 21st century.

Suitable for both casual and institutional traders, The New Trading for a Living is a comprehensive guide full of charts, templates, and risk management advice.

Favorite quote

An astute trader aims to enter the market during quiet times and take profits during wild times.

- Alexander Elder

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