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The New Climate War

Michael E. Mann

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Climatologist Michael E. Mann explains the history of climate change denial and how the fossil fuel industry is actively delaying action against climate change.


The New Climate War

The New Climate War

by Michael E. Mann


The devastating effects of climate change have become obvious around the globe. From extreme weather events and rising sea levels to environmental migration and energy poverty, the evidence is becoming impossible to ignore. In previous decades, large fossil fuel corporations lobbied against climate action by dismissing scientific consensus and defaming outspoken climate experts.

Michael E. Mann is an American climatologist and geophysicist who has contributed greatly to the understanding of climate change events throughout history. Mann is the co-author of the 'hockey stick graph' that shows how temperatures started rising rapidly in the 20th century. Because of his work, Mann has been a target of climate change deniers for years.

In The New Climate War, Mann explains how the tactics of fossil fuel interest groups are changing, and what can be done by governments and individuals to fight climate change.

Favorite quote

The fossil fuel disinformation machine wants to make it about the car you choose to drive, the food you choose to eat, and the lifestyle you choose to live rather than about the larger system and incentives.

- Michael E. Mann

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