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The Mom Test

Rob Fitzpatrick

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A guidebook to customer research and early business practices for startup companies.


The Mom Test

The Mom Test

by Rob Fitzpatrick


In the founding stages of every business, research rules. Collecting mountains of usage and survey data and constantly probing potential clients and investors can feel quite productive. All this data isn't supposed to convince you that you have a good idea, but to find the problems that could tank the whole business down the road.

Rob Fitzpatrick is a software developer, startup consultant, and author. He is an expert in customer-product compatibility and client relations.

The Mom Test delivers crystal-clear customer research and business development advice for startup founders and entrepreneurs. Effective customer research puts the right questions to the right people and uses the answers to fully understand a product's value and potential problems in the wild. This is a guidebook to smoothly developing professional relationships and creating customer feedback resources upon which you can make informed decisions, all by focusing on how you ask the questions.

Favorite quote

Everything should be centered around making better decisions.

- Rob Fitzpatrick

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