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The Millionaire Fastlane

M.J. DeMarco

5 mins

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The Millionaire Fastlane points out what's wrong with the well-trodden 'get a degree, get a job, work hard, retire rich' model, before defining wealth in a new way, and showing you the path to retiring young.


The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane

by M.J. DeMarco


Ever since seeing a guy with a legendary Lamborghini Countach, MJ DeMarco knew he wanted to live a wealthy life. What he didn't want was to get a degree, work for 40 years, pinch every penny, retire and then, eventually, be able to drive his Lamborghini at 70 years old.

Ironically, this is not a get-rich-quick book. On the contrary, its approach is very stoic. The Millionaire Fastlane is the story of how MJ DeMarco managed to retire at 33 as a multi-millionaire.

Favorite quote

Many people want to change their life, but they are not willing to change their choices, and ultimately this changes nothing.

- MJ DeMarco

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