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The Man Who Fed the World

Leon Hesser

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The Man Who Fed The World is the biography of Dr. Norman Borlaug, agronomist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and U.S. national hero, who dedicated his life to ending world hunger and leading the green revolution.


The Man Who Fed the World

The Man Who Fed the World

by Leon Hesser


Dr. Norman Borlaug was born in 1914 in Iowa, U.S., and dedicated his entire life to one cause: ending world hunger.

Borlaug's family was extremely poor, so he learned firsthand what real hunger felt like. He valued hard, practical work, helping others, and education so was naturally suited for this mission. Between 1930 and 1970, he led what would later be called the green revolution, a number of research and development projects to transfer agricultural technology to developing countries. The goal was to allow them to increase their crop yield and feed their population.

In hindsight, Borlaug's been credited with saving at least one billion lives. The Man Who Fed The World can help you find the inspiration necessary to allow you to take a leap of faith and work towards what truly matters to you.

Favorite quote

Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.

- Dr. Norman Borlaug

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