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The Little Book of Hygge

Meik Wiking

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The Little Book of Hygge shares the secrets of the powerful Danish attitude towards life that consistently results in Denmark ranking among the happiest countries in the world.


The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

by Meik Wiking


Choosing where in the world we want to live isn't an easy decision, and can't be argued using just statistics. It's about the feeling you get when you're there, not how many public trash cans are available. At the same time, some world destinations rank higher than others in many categories overall. In these instances, we can learn a thing or two from the lifestyle choices of these country's residents.

One such place is Denmark. Known for its dark and frosty winters, high taxes, and laid-back culture, this nation averaged a number one ranking in the world happiness report many times over the past few years. Meik Wiking, author of this book and CEO of The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, believes one of the factors responsible for this high happiness standard is 'hygge.'

Pronounced hue-gə, this mysterious noun, adjective, and verb resembles not only a typically Danish attitude but also wellbeing, comfort, and feeling at home. As it's intrinsically linked with the nation's extremely stable mental health, it's worth exploring in more detail.

Favorite quote

To paraphrase one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Winnie the Pooh, when asked how to spell a certain emotion: 'You don't spell it, you feel it.'

- Meik Wiking

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