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The Kickass Single Mom

Emma Johnson

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The Kickass Single Mom is a go-to guide to help single moms achieve financial security, find romantic fulfillment, and continue to be incredible parents.


The Kickass Single Mom

The Kickass Single Mom

by Emma Johnson


When business journalist and gender equality activist Emma Johnson found herself divorced, pregnant, and with a toddler, she turned to the internet for advice. But Johnson found there was very little out there to help her navigate this new chapter of her life.

Noticing a gap in the market, Johnson started a blog, Wealthy Single Mommy, to explore the challenges of raising kids without a partner, the joys of motherhood, the heartache of divorce, and the hilarious mishaps of dating.

The Kickass Single Mom is a refreshingly modern take on motherhood, helping single moms to build a better future for themselves and their kids. With ten million single moms in the U.S., Johnson reminds others like her that they are not alone, offering the practical tools and advice they need to build the lives they want.

Favorite quote

Just because I didn't have a spouse to help and enjoy those activities with didn't mean they couldn't happen... In fact, who was to tell me that my life as a single mother couldn't be completely wonderful?

- Emma Johnson

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