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The Importance of Being Little

Erika Christakis

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The Importance Of Being Little outlines the inefficiencies of preschools, identifies how brilliantly curious kids' minds are, and teaches ways to help them succeed by focusing more on principles like play and skill development.


The Importance of Being Little

The Importance of Being Little

by Erika Christakis


It's always hard for parents to send their children to school for the first time. School teaches children how to work with others, socialize, and relate to external sources of authority. However, school structures weren't all made to serve kids. In certain aspects, educational environments are built to serve the needs of adults. Erika Christakis is an educator and writer who specializes in early childhood education. In The Importance of Being Little, Christakis explores how the current school system serves children — and how it often fails them.

Favorite quote

Indeed, playing games and laughing together are far more educational than drilling kids on their ABCs on the way to daycare.

- Erika Christakis

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