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The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

The Defiant

5 mins

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In this documentary, decentralized finance platform The Defiant takes us through the basics of understanding non-fungible tokens and how they're changing our world.


The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made

by The Defiant


With all the buzz around non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, everyone from graffiti artists to corporate record labels wants a piece of the action. But as with all things that use blockchain technology, very few people actually understand how it works and why crypto art has become so popular.

The Defiant is a multimedia publication that covers all things crypto. In The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made, filmmaker Robin Schmidt takes us through the world of non-fungible tokens, inviting major players in the crypto art community to help us understand their uses and benefits.

Many might find it difficult to understand why people would pay so much money for a digital token whose only function is to exist but this film helps us see how NFTs are just one part of a bold future of decentralized finance and the open economy.

Favorite quote

Numbers don't lie.

- Robin Schmidt, presenter

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