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Telling Your Truth Through Writing

Ayelet Waldman

5 mins

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This course will teach you how to write a memoir, based on Ayelet Waldman's own moving experience.


Telling Your Truth Through Writing

Telling Your Truth Through Writing

by Ayelet Waldman


Writing a good memoir might take a bit more heart and soul than you first expect. An honest memoir requires pouring your most personal traits and emotions onto paper for the world to see.

Ayelet Waldman is a New York Times best selling author, and has published 13 novels. Formerly a federal public defender and an adjunct professor at the UC Berkeley law school, Waldman calls herself an 'accidental memoirist'.

In this course, however scary it may seem, you'll learn how to write down your most intimate secrets, reveal unsettling truths, and to create yourself as a character.

Favorite quote

The characters are all the people in the book, so you have to have compassion for everybody, even the most awful people.

- Ayelet Waldman

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