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Talent Management

Katy Santen Sharon

5 mins

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Leadership development coach Katy Santen Sharon investigates how to accomplish your business goals through an effective talent management plan.


Talent Management

Talent Management

by Katy Santen Sharon


The term 'talent management' refers to attracting and hiring high-quality employees, helping them develop their skills, and motivating them to improve their overall performance in the workplace. The purpose of this is to create a highly skilled and ambitious team who will stay with the company long-term, undergoing multiple training programs to help further their skills. There are many benefits associated with establishing effective talent management into your company, such as higher productivity levels, reassurance of training and building your skill set, and so on.

Course instructor Katy Santen Sharon is a consultant, author, and leadership development coach. In this course, she demonstrates how to establish a firm talent management strategy that benefits both your company and your employees.

Favorite quote

Effective talent management increases a company's ability to innovate, grow and adapt quickly. Focusing on talent management generates 26% more revenue.

- Katy Santen Sharon

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