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Succeeding in a New Job

Dr. Chaz Austin

5 mins

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Succeeding in a New Job gives us tips on how to make a good foundation at a new job, with practical advice to develop effective strategies and explore techniques to create success.


Succeeding in a New Job

Succeeding in a New Job

by Dr. Chaz Austin


Getting a new job is a big success, but keeping it is even bigger. If we understand what's expected of us, we'll have the opportunity to make a great career foundation. Through the experience of other people, we can avoid making beginners' mistakes.

In this course, Dr. Chaz Austin, author and EdD in organizational leadership, gives us advice on beginning in a new workplace, by making a good first impression, establishing strong relationships, and measuring our performance. Succeeding in a New Job will help us prepare for a new role and establish what's expected of us. We'll get familiar with the phrase 'keeping a beginner's mind', get to know how best to bond with our teammates, and find a mentor to help us become more reliable employees.

Favorite quote

Above all other qualities, people appreciate the quality of humility in their new coworkers.

- Dr. Chaz Austin

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