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Staying Fit

Barr Taylor, Denise Wilfley, Stanford University

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Staying Fit is a wellbeing course from Stanford University that focuses on how to develop good habits for long-term health.


Staying Fit

Staying Fit

by Barr Taylor


The most common New Year's resolutions involve ambitious fitness goals, new diets, and brutal training routines that never make it to spring. Health is not a sprint, it's a mentality and lifestyle that gets easier as you move towards your fitness goals.

Staying Fit is a health and wellness edX course from Stanford University Online developed by Barr Taylor and Denise Wilfley. Taylor is a Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford School of Medicine while Wilfley hails from Washington University School of Medicine where she is a Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Staying Fit focuses on developing sustainable habits for long-term health. Through small commitments to physical exercise, eating, and sleeping, it is possible to end the cycle of crash dieting and feel good for years.

Favorite quote

This is not a weight loss program, because we do not want people to worry about their weight. We want people to maintain their health.

- Barr Taylor and Denise Wilfley

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