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Social Media for Leadership

Brian Honigman

5 mins

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This course breaks down the expanding role that social media plays in business-to-consumer relations and how executives can actively build that relationship.


Social Media for Leadership

Social Media for Leadership

by Brian Honigman


Social media isn't just a platform for sharing your content with friends. It's a business tool that has become essential for any successful brand operating in today's marketplace.

Brian Honigman is a social media and content marketing consultant and adjunct professor at NYU. Honigman has developed his reputation helping NGOs, media brands, and tech companies establish a strong online presence. In this course, Honigman discusses how executives can promote themselves and the organization they represent on social media. Honigman demonstrates that leaders can no longer be absent from social media because it leaves a void that external influences can take advantage of. For leaders who feel they don't know where to start with social, this course teaches everything you need to know to get started.

Favorite quote

Social media is a wonderful vehicle for connecting leaders directly with their customers, employees, and the media like never before.

- Brian Honigman

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