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Simply NFT

Christopher Perceptions

5 mins

3 key insights

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Simply NFT is a comprehensive introduction to help you understand the next big thing coming from the world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.


Simply NFT

Simply NFT

by Christopher Perceptions


A few years ago, most of us were rather skeptical about cryptocurrencies. Now, it's obvious that crypto is here to stay. Whether you're a tech person, a graphic designer, or an artist, staying in touch with the world of blockchain will provide a whole new perspective and many new opportunities.

Christopher Perceptions is an artist and entrepreneur whose career skyrocketed since he got into the world of crypto, leading to exhibitions all over the United States. Since NFT has helped Christopher monetize his art, he knows what novices need to learn so that they too can make the most of blockchain technology.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are especially popular in the creative community, allowing artists, game developers, musicians, and other creative workers to provide customers with proof of ownership over digital creations.

Favorite quote

Once you put your music, or other forms of art, on the blockchain, which you can do as an entity, you never know. You could sell a million on the blockchain and that might rewrite some rules for how people are able to transact with music.

- Christopher Perceptions

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