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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Robert T Kiyosaki

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What if others could create money for you, not the other way around? In Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, financial guru and multimillionaire Robert Kiyosaki shares his principles for creating financial abundance.


Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

by Robert T Kiyosaki


Today, 10% of the people on Earth control 90% of the wealth. This principle has more or less held true throughout history. The difference is that now, the arrival of the information age means it's easier than ever to join that 10%. You don't need to be a genius, talented, or have wealthy parents to do so. All you need is information and a great business idea.

Robert Kiyosaki is an author and entrepreneur. In Rich Dad's Guide to investing, he shares principles to elevate both your financial status and your mentality to the level of the financial elite.

Kiyosaki first focuses on mentality and mindset, as he outlines the differences between how the rich think compared to everyone else. Then, he outlines a structure for taking your finances to the level of the super-rich, through becoming an expert at creating businesses.

Favorite quote

My poor dad advised me, 'Go to school, get good grades, and then find a safe secure job with benefits.' ... On the other hand, my rich dad said, 'Learn to build businesses and invest through your businesses.

- Robert Kiyosaki

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