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Rewild Yourself

Simon Barnes

5 mins

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Simon Barnes shares the secrets to living more naturally and reconnecting with the wildness of the world.


Rewild Yourself

Rewild Yourself

by Simon Barnes


For most of our human history, nature was something that we spent all of our days immersed in. Today however, 'nature' exists for many of us as a distant realm that we visit as spectators, if at all.

Simon Barnes is an English journalist, naturalist, and novelist who has written books on everything from sports to birdwatching. In this book, Barnes urges us to reintroduce ourselves to the wilderness both outside and within ourselves. From practical wildlife watching tips to adjustments in our mindset, Rewild Yourself is certain to restore your wild side even in the most cramped of cubicles.

Favorite quote

You, rewilded, sit at your ease in the world, in the great silence. In a little while that thrush will sing out again. And you'll be ready.

- Simon Barnes

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