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Rethinking God, Sex, and Death

The Mindvalley Podcast, Vishen Lakhiani, Jamie Wheal

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This May 2021 episode of the Mindvalley Podcast explores modern society's attitude toward politics, religion, and itself.


Rethinking God, Sex, and Death

Rethinking God, Sex, and Death

by The Mindvalley Podcast


With society changing at a rapid pace, humanity is facing a meaning crisis; many feel they lack a sense of purpose. Many consider our world too complex for religion to be relevant, so how can we rediscover meaning in life?

The Mindvalley Podcast is a show about wisdom and ideas we were never taught at school, showcasing leaders in various fields discussing personal growth in mind, body, and spirit.

In this May 2021 episode, host Vishen Lakhiani talks to Jamie Wheal, bestselling author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book Stealing Fire. Wheal is also the founder of the Flow Genome Project, an organization that researches human performance. In this wide-ranging discussion, Wheal shares how we can rethink religion, society, and politics to combat polarization.

Favorite quote

At a time when we're experiencing this meaning crisis … we really need to recapture what makes us feel whole, what makes us feel most alive, courageous, creative, connected.

- Jamie Wheal, author

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