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Lisa Genova

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Neuroscientist Lisa Genova explains how our memories are formed, retrieved, and improved.




by Lisa Genova


Memory is required to learn anything and everything new. Without it, we'd be unable to retain new information and experiences or even make new friends. Our identities are made up of significant experiences and learning moments throughout our life; without memory we would not even know who we are.

Lisa Genova is the author of the best-selling novel Still Alice. As a neuroscientist, Genova has been talking to audiences around the world about memory and Alzheimer's disease for over a decade. In this book, the author demonstrates how memories are made, changed, and retrieved, as well as how we can help preserve them.

Favorite quote

The ability to remember the meaningful details of your life is what's important. These are the memories that provide you with a sense of self, a life narrative, and the potential for growth and connection with others.

- Lisa Genova

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