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Rediscovering Myself through Surviving Domestic ViolenceBy Natasha Medlar

In a Nutshell

How I found myself, my purpose in life and healed, after having survived seven years of domestic violence and rape from the age of 14-21.

Favorite Quote

It is not a question of whether we will encounter a storm, but when and how we will navigate and survive the test.

Natasha Medlar


Natasha Medlar is a Domestic Violence and Homelessness Advocate living between Australia and New York.

Natasha provides assistance and guidance to those in domestic violence relationships, provides aid to the homeless and children's orphanages, and hosts empowering unity events.

From age 14 to 21, Natasha endured physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse daily.

In 2017 at age 27, Natasha shared her story via YouTube. After a surreal global response, people turned to Natasha when they needed someone to listen, advise, and help them escape their situations.

Natasha's work and services have been featured on international platforms, including BBC News. In 2018, she was invited to Malta as a Keynote Speaker at the United Nations Day of Elimination of Violence against Women and Children.

Natasha has helped ten people out of domestic abuse relationships, and thanks to donations, she has assisted 300 homeless people between Perth, LA, New York, and Malaysia.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    My abuser controlled my time and isolated me from all support
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