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Radical Candor

Kim Scott

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Radical Candor is the ultimate guide to becoming a great leader, teaching you how to connect with people, push them to be their best, and create an environment of trust.


Radical Candor

Radical Candor

by Kim Scott


Each boss you ever have will be different, and you'll learn something from all of them. The best leaders, however, will always be those who help you get closer to reaching your full potential. They lift you up and offer constructive criticism.

Kim Scott is the author of books like Just Work, a former CEO coach at Dropbox and Twitter, and a former faculty member at Apple University.

In her book Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, Scott will teach you how to channel radical honesty as a leader. By having open conversations with your team and investing in helping them achieve their goals, you can have meaningful relationships with your employees and get the best work out of them.

Favorite quote

Make sure that you are seeing each person on your team with fresh eyes every day. People evolve, and so your relationships must evolve with them. Care personally; don't put people in boxes and leave them there.

- Kim Scott

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