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Psyched Up

Daniel McGinn

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Psyched Up takes an in-depth look at the science behind mental preparation to show you how to follow the example of the best performers in any given field.


Psyched Up

Psyched Up

by Daniel McGinn


Do you remember that piano solo you spent countless hours practicing to perfection, only to make stupid mistakes at the recital because you were too nervous? Most of us have had brushes with performance anxiety. Also known as 'stage fright,' it's that gripping fear of doing something in front of an audience.

But if we all have it, how can professional athletes like Serena Williams stay focused enough to crush it in such high-stakes situations?

And what can you do to boost your confidence and prove yourself the next time you have to give a big presentation at work?

The minutes leading up to a significant challenge can be terrifying. In Psyched Up, Daniel McGinn explains how to be mentally prepared for this exact moment. He's an author and journalist who's done extensive research on the science behind mental preparation and how it can be applied to different situations. He dives into current research and reveals how top professionals prepare for those moments when it counts the most.

By relying on his research-driven strategies, you'll separate what works from urban myths and learn to psych yourself up before stepping into the spotlight.

Favorite quote

Practice is vital to any high performer, but eventually you run out of rehearsal time.

- Daniel McGill

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