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Productivity Masterclass

Ali Abdaal

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

This online class contains some of the best and most useful theoretical and practical tips to boost your productivity.


Productivity Masterclass

Productivity Masterclass

by Ali Abdaal


We all suffer from time shortages these days. We wish we could do more during the day and finish our tasks faster. As a doctor with many interests, such as making videos, podcasts, email newsletters, and blogs, Ali Abdaal was inspired to search for ways to juggle his work and daily tasks with additional activities.

In this course, Abdaal teaches the fundamental principles of productivity, exploring the myths, laws, and how to improve our success rate, focus, and engagement.

Favorite quote

We all wish for more hours in the day. We all struggle to make time for what matters.

- Ali Abdaal

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