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Preparing for your review

Todd Dewett, PhD

5 mins

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Preparing for Your Review explains how to build ongoing dialogue with supervisors, and how to take small proactive actions to control performance reviews that lead to better outcomes.


Preparing for your review

Preparing for your review

by Todd Dewett, PhD


Today, strong performance is essential if you're to progress in your career. For many, it seems that continuously improving performance is the only way to get a raise or promotion. But it can be very difficult to stay on track and many struggle to develop an effective strategy to monitor their performance and work towards their goals. What's worse, a lot of us go into our performance reviews unprepared, and unsure where we're at, which leads to poor or non-conclusive feedback.

Luckily, Todd Dewett is an expert on leadership, leading with authenticity, and building relationships in careers. This experience has allowed him to become an expert on how to prepare for successful performance reviews. In Dewett's course, Preparing for Your Review, we learn the different stages of review preparation, from several months away, all the way up to the day before and after. We're shown how to build effective habits of engaging supervisors in regular dialogue to make sure that performance reviews are less stressful and more successful.

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