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Plastic Surgery, Explained

Joe Posner, Ezra Klein, Claire Gordon

5 mins

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This installment of Vox's Explained series explores the evolution of cosmetic surgery and how it has shaped the way we define beauty.


Plastic Surgery, Explained

Plastic Surgery, Explained

by Joe Posner


Plastic surgery was once considered the exclusive realm of celebrities and heiresses, but today it has become commonplace in many countries. How can we understand the change in the popularity and social perception of cosmetic surgery?

Produced by Ezra Klein, Joe Posner, and Claire Gordon, Explained is a Netflix documentary series from Vox Media that seeks to illuminate both the fascinating and mundane aspects of our modern world. In this episode, narrator Kim Cattrall takes us through the changes plastic surgery has seen over the years. Through commentary from plastic surgeons and cultural critics as well as patients, we are shown the industry's incredible scientific advances as well as its social impact.

Favorite quote

It seems we are moving towards a future where our appearances are fundamentally changeable. So is that a bad thing?

- Kim Cattrall, narrator

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