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Plants at Home

Christopher Griffin

5 mins

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This course will help you turn your home into a suitable place for plants to grow and thrive.


Plants at Home

Plants at Home

by Christopher Griffin


In an era of large-scale urban development, many of us live in cement forests that lack natural beauty, color, and life. Instead of adding green to our living spaces, we often make excuses about our tiny apartments and lack of time. What if taking care of plants wasn't so exhausting or time-consuming?

Christopher Griffin, better known as @PlantKween, is a plant enthusiast who takes care of more than 150 plants (or 'queens') in a small space in Brooklyn. In this course, Griffin will show you how you can keep your plants healthy, glowing, and flourishing.

Plants at Home not only helps you with your plant problems, but it also encourages you to embrace your plant life and learn from it to take better care of yourself.

Favorite quote

Through caring for your green girls, you're also caring for yourself.

- Christopher Griffin

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