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Permission Marketing

Seth Godin

5 mins

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Permission Marketing explains why nobody pays attention to TV commercials and flyers anymore, showing us how in today's crowded market, we can better communicate with our customers - and sell more.


Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing

by Seth Godin


Permission Marketing lets you in on today's common marketing practices: getting permission to market to your audience, for example via an email list, and then building a relationship, before eventually making a sale. Despite the book having been published in 1999, it encourages you to use technology to your advantage in order to market your products for free. A true advertizing pioneer, Godin's visionary marketing manual breaks down the steps you can take to create a true bond with your customers and make sure they come back for more.

Favorite quote

Your website should be 100% focused on signing up strangers to give you permission to market to them.

- Seth Godin

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