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Order from Chaos

Jaclyn Paul

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Jaclyn Paul gives tips for getting organized when you or someone you love has ADHD.


Order from Chaos

Order from Chaos

by Jaclyn Paul


Adults with ADHD often struggle with disorganization and distraction, making their condition feel unmanageable. However, getting organized with ADHD is simply a matter of beginning to understand your brain.

Jaclyn Paul is an essayist and fiction writer known for her blog, The ADHD Homestead. In this self-help book, Paul shares personal anecdotes and advice on coping with ADHD. Intended primarily for adults with ADHD, Order from Chaos is also accessible to neurotypical people seeking to understand the condition.

Favorite quote

People with ADHD are just like all other humans, only more so.

- Gina Pera, journalist and ADHD expert

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