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Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Patrick Holford

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In Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition Patrick Holford offers an in-depth guide into the ways in which food affects our mood, memory, and intelligence, and shows us how we can eat for peak brain performance.


Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

by Patrick Holford


It's common knowledge that what you eat can affect your physical performance. When you fuel properly, you can run great distances, achieve your goals at the gym, and recover well. But we can often forget that how we eat greatly affects our mental performance too.

British academic Patrick Holford is the founder of the UK's Institute for Optimum Nutrition and a strong proponent of nutrition-based therapies. Holford has authored 37 books centered around using nutrition to promote good health.

In Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, Holford unravels the different ways in which what we eat influences and affects how we think, feel, and remember. The book outlines essential nutrients and food sources to eat for brain health and explains what to avoid.

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One of the greatest unrecognised truths is that ensuring optimum nutrition for your mind not only improves mood, but gives you the energy and motivation to make changes in your life.

- Patrick Holdford

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