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Meal Planning MasterclassBy Felix Harder

In a Nutshell

Fitness coach Felix Harder guides us through the meal planning essentials useful for any fitness, weight loss, or bodybuilding goal.

Favorite quote

Without the proper strategy and game plan, a goal is nothing more than a dream.

Felix Harder


Felix Harder is a seasoned fitness coach and Amazon bestselling author specializing in science-based health and fitness. Harder is an expert in all things fitness, including workouts, fat loss, muscle growth, healthy living, bodybuilding and meal planning. His main focus is on simplifying the science of fitness and fitness nutrition so that it becomes easier for everyone to meet their fitness goals, even as beginners.

In Meal Planning Masterclass: Build The Perfect Meal Plan For Health, Wellness & Training, Harder lays out all the principles necessary for an effective meal plan. Consistent with his science-based approach to health and fitness, Harder validates each part of his suggested meal planning strategy with science.

The focus of this course is to provide us with the skills needed to develop our own meal plans, rather than simply providing a list of foods we can or can't eat. Equipped with these skills, we can reduce the chance of getting manipulated by so-called 'fitness gurus' into buying overpriced meal plans and supplements.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Body weight is affected by how we consume and burn calories
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