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Master The Art of Teaching

Michael Port, Amy Port

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

In this course, learn how to become a master teacher and deliver compelling classroom performances that resonate with your students.


Master The Art of Teaching

Master The Art of Teaching

by Michael Port


The attention spans of today's students are diminishing, and it's become more crucial than ever for teachers to make their lessons as engaging as possible. In this course, you'll learn how to make your lessons work in any environment and hook the attention of any student.

Michael Port is a teacher, former professional actor, and bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid. Through his experience as a teacher and actor, Port has developed techniques that allow you to communicate clearly and efficiently while providing useful, easy-to-digest information. In this class, Port teaches how to create effective lesson plans and make your classes more visually satisfying.

You'll also learn to refine your teaching abilities by introducing new methods and ensuring your students are at the core of your class, not just an audience. Are you ready to become the teacher you've always wanted to be?

Favorite quote

You've got to decide what's more important to you: approval, or results. Because if you just focus on approval, then you're not acting in service of the audience.

- Michael Port

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