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Manifesto is a book about scalable environmentalism and sustainability by rebel environmentalist Dale Vince.




by Dale Vince


Environmentalism is a constant battle. The political and corporate powers that be are bound to our current destructive way of life, seeking to retain their profits at the expense of our planet. Humanity's only true challenge is to protect our home and create a future where sustainability is at the heart of global culture. We have no other option.

Dale Vince is an environmental pioneer, political activist, and author leading the charge to a sustainable future. Vince is the founder of the sustainable energy production company Ecotricity and the chairman of Forest Green Rovers Football Club, the world's greenest sports team.

Manifesto is a book detailing the political, corporate, and social hurdles to sustainability and how we can meet these challenges and overcome them. Living on the road and off the grid since the age of 15, Vince recounts his confrontations with the energy and transportation industry, and how we can continue to push the status quo into a sustainable future.

Favorite quote

Modern life is killing us, it should be obvious.

- Dale Vince

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