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Make-up for Beginners

Lana Vallo

5 mins

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Makeup can seem complex for the uninitiated, but anyone can learn to master the craft through consistent practice, the acquisition of good tools, and a genuine desire to learn the art.


Make-up for Beginners

Make-up for Beginners

by Lana Vallo


If you've ever wanted to improve your makeup technique, this is your chance to learn from the ground up. Though learning the art of makeup can seem intimidating, a simple step-by-step approach can make it a lot more enjoyable. Makeup is a skill useful for both personal endeavors and for helping others. If you really enjoy it, you might even be able to turn it into a viable side hustle or career.

Lana Vallo is the founder of Glow Makeup and has been a professional makeup artist for 18 years. She also works in eyebrow correction and hairstyling – and teaches the art of beauty.

Knowing the theory alone isn't enough to be an artist. Talented makeup artists practice consistently. Through this in-depth course, you'll learn the basics of professional makeup so you can jump-start your makeup journey and hone your skills.

Favorite quote

No professional makeup can be done without professional tools.

- Lana Vallo

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