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Make It, Don't Fake It

Sabrina Horn

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Sabrina Horn, an award-winning CEO and public speaker, shows business owners how to lead authentically and avoid the shortcuts that sabotage success.


Make It, Don't Fake It

Make It, Don't Fake It

by Sabrina Horn


In the modern age of social media and influencers, 'faking it' is everywhere. Using rented cars and homes, unsubstantiated business claims, or even outright fraud, millions of people are looking for shortcuts to money, fame, and power.

Award-winning CEO, author, and speaker Sabrina Horn cuts against the grain, reminding us that the only way to build true success is through authenticity and genuine leadership. In this book, Horn demonstrates how shortcuts only sabotage success by skipping crucial steps, learning opportunities, and reality checks. Making it, not faking it, is the only path to lasting achievement.

Favorite quote

You might think that, as an executive, admitting mistakes shows weakness, but handled in the right way, it actually shows strength.

- Sabrina Horn

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